Emergency Management

The River Vale Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is looking for additional volunteers to join the ranks of citizen volunteers within the Township.

This group is comprised of residents from the Township who receive specialized training in the various areas of emergency management and response.
Deputy OEM Coordinators
  • John DeVoe
  • John Guglielmotti
  • Peter Martin
  • Bill Peters
  • Linda Wayne
  • Peter Wayne
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The purpose of the CERT program is to train ordinary citizens to care for themselves, their family, their neighbors and finally, their community, in case of an emergency. These volunteers will help to improve the response and preparedness of the community and the emergency services.

The CERT training and education experience forms a crucial link between the community and the professional emergency response teams.
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Local Flood Conditions
Note: Estimated flood stage is when gauge height exceeds 5 feet.
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Local Weather Advisories
Emergency Preparedness
Timely information on how to protect your family and pets during common emergencies can be found at the Bergen County Emergency Management website.