Pre-K T Ball

River Vale children who are entering Kindergarten
in September 2019 will be eligible to take part in Spring 2019. 

Want to enrich your child's experience? Become a COACH!
No baseball/softball experience necessary. Please click here for the requirements.

The 2019 Sessions will be held at Roberge School Field from 12 pm - 1 pm on the following Saturdays:  5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 6/1, 6/8 and 6/15.  Cost to participate is $40 per child. 

Registration ran through April 21 and is now closed.

The goal of this program is to teach basic fundamentals of baseball & softball
- Each session will have a maximum of 50 children. If more than 50 children sign up, a 2nd session will be added.
- 5 stations per field. Children are in groups of 10 and rotated to each station with a minimum of 2 coaches per Station

The stations are:
1. Throwing- teaching children how to throw the ball properly.
2. Fielding Ground balls- Using tennis balls, teach proper techniques for fielding ground balls.
3. Catching- Using tennis balls, teach how to catch a ball, without a glove (2 hands).
4. Hitting- Using the T, teach how to hold a bat, batting stance. Hit balls off the T.  
5. Running- Teach how to run the bases.

The children will spend 10 minutes at each station, plus 2 water breaks.
The first 5 sessions will consist of drills. The final session will be run in a game-like format.

Children will need sneakers, but do not need cleats, bat or a baseball glove to participate.

Please contact Richard O'Donnell at with any questions.