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Posted on: May 17, 2019

A Message From Mayor Jasionowski


Dear Residents of River Vale,

I want to share a very frustrating position River Vale is presently facing with the State COAH mandates. I have been meeting and arguing with all involved in this issue nonstop over the past few weeks and months. We have been negotiating and fighting for years to keep development to a minimum and preserve River Vale. I personally believe we have a moral obligation to build affordable housing, but in a way that fits our Township.

Initially, the State had given River Vale a housing obligation to provide over 500 affordable units. In the worst-case scenario, this would have required us to build a total of 2,486 affordable and market rate units. How they expect this to be reasonable in River Vale is absurd.

On September 6, 2019, our current protection from builder’s remedy lawsuits expires if we do not follow the Court’s order below. This is the least amount of development the Court would accept for River Vale. Should we not comply, this would put us back to having to provide 500+ affordable units as required by the State and Fair Share. The Court is mandating the following for River Vale:

  • Development on Edgewood Country Club must go forward and include the 24 affordable units and 240 market rate units.
  • Re-zoning of Edgewood Country Club to protect 18 holes. (Already completed)
  • Building of Senior Housing on Cedar Lane. (Already completed)
  • Re-zoning of the Florentine Gardens/Valley Brook Country Club area to “Restaurant/Golf/Catering only.” (Already completed)
  • Building of an Adult Care Home on Cedar Lane. (In Process)
  • Development of 36 affordable units, along with fair market units, on the former Meskers site on Rivervale Road.
  • Overlay zoning on some commercial buildings, which would allow apartments on the second floor should a building be rebuilt.

I am so angered and upset that the State is putting our Township in this position. If we do not comply, we face huge legal costs and the chance that the Court will order us to do this or more. We have done so much over the past two decades to provide affordable housing in a way that blends with our town. Mayor Blundo had the vision to address this issue and we would be in much worse shape if he hadn’t taken it seriously. No one has been able to stop Fair Share. You can see all around us that there are giant developments being built in each town, and it’s because we are all being forced to follow the State’s demands on housing.

I wanted to share this to be transparent, and so everyone can see what the State of New Jersey and their Fair Share Housing regulations are doing to our communities. We will continue to fight for River Vale and keep everyone informed.


Mayor Glen Jasionowski

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