Historical Photos

Salaried Officers
A 1953 ordinance established the police department as it exists now, with full-time, salaried police officers.

Police Station

As the farms began to disappear and River Vale became more of a residential community, the population began to increase. The size of the police department increased along with the population. The department, which had been operating out of the municipal building, moved into the 1st police headquarters in 1954. The building, which was formerly a school, was located just north of the old Meskers property on River Vale Road, opposite Prospect Avenue.
By 1964, the department had grown to 13 full-time police officers.  The regular officers were assisted by the River Vale Police Reserves during times of emergencies.  The Police Reserves, which usually had a membership of 6-10 volunteers, was disbanded in the early 1980's when only one member remained. 
Police Chiefs
In July 1972, Thomas H. Simpson was sworn in as the 3rd Chief of Police, following the retirement of Chief Nelson Roberge. By January of 1974 the department had grown to 20 full-time police officers and the township population was approximately 9,000. 

On January 1, 2002, Chief Habermann retired from the department and was succeeded by the 6th Chief of Police, Aaron Back. 

On January 1, 2009, Chief Back retired from the department and was succeeded by the 7th Chief of Police, Michael J. McCann.