Health Information & Events

Wild Animal Safety

With families out and about in the summer, please remember to be wary of wild animals such as raccoons, chipmunks, skunks and mice.

Do not feed, handle or approach them. Children should be told to stay away from unknown or wild animals, including cats and kittens.

All animal bites or scratches should be reported to the River Vale Health Department at 201-664-2346, ext. 1409 during regular business hours. At all other times, call the River Vale Police Department at 201-664-1111.

Free Physical Exams for Children

The River Vale Board of Health offers a monthly Child Health Conference for River Vale children from birth - age 6 where they may receive free, complete medical physical exams and all required immunizations.

Children ages 7 - 18 years may receive immunizations only. Appointments are necessary. Please call 201-666-4800, ext. 1528 for details. 

Sessions are held at the lower level of the Borough of Hillsdale, 380 Hillsdale Avenue. Services are provided by a pediatrician and a public health nurse.