Things to be Remembered

As there would be in any town there are things that should be remembered as “ oddities” or “ happenings” in that town that may be of no historical or significant importance other then to be remembrances. Here are a few of those things:
Beacon Light
Ford's Field
  1. Nine Hole Golf Course
  2. An Unwelcome Industry
  3. Fords Fields & Airplanes
  4. Echo Glen Lake
  5. Our Beacon Light
  6. Camp Shanks
  7. Racetrack
During the 1930's if you were to ride along Rockland Avenue you would be riding along side of a golf course that was on the eastern side of Rockland Avenue running from Central Avenue to Cleveland Avenue. It also extended as far east as the back yards of the only two houses on Rivervale Road. The course also extended eastward along Cleveland Avenue almost to Rivervale Road. This was a nine hole course that was owned by the Kocembia family and used by some of the Westwood and Hillsdale businessmen. There was a small one story clubhouse that stood on the corner of Cleveland and Rockand Avenues. The course was stifled first by the depression and then World War II and closed up about 1940 or 1941. The property sat idle for a couple of years until parcels were sold off and homes built where the fairways and greens were seen. All that remains of the memory of that nice little course are the names Golf Court and Fairway Terrace.