Lightning Detection

The Township of River Vale has lightning detectors placed at various locations in town. They are designed to detect lightning strikes within ten miles of each location.  Like most technology and with the unpredictability of weather, they are not always 100% accurate.  If you hear thunder, or see lightning, please get indoors as quickly as possible.

Below shows the current status of each detector in town: Hoffman (Mark Lane), PV DPW (Ranges), RVWS (Woodside School), RVRS (Roberge School) and RVCC (River Vale Country Club).

 If the detector is in "Active Alert" status, the countdown indicates the "Estimated Time to All Clear."  Each time the detector senses a strike, the counter resets for 30 minutes. Once it gets to zero, it is presumed safe to return to the outdoors. Be safe!